How Leaders Grow Today

One of my all time favourite books is How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carneigie. Published in 1936, this book has been perhaps the most influential book in my life second to the bible. When I saw some leadership research with the “Carneige” branding, I was intrigued to say the least.

In a short video which you can see here, Matt Norman, a business leader, shares about some research they found regarding […]

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  A relevant leadership question is: “Does 21st century culture require a new or different form of Christian leadership?” In this article, John explores this question, probing it from both a cultural and biblical perspective.


Culture, church and Christianity in the 21st century are big issues that are explored in detail in units that we teach at Malyon.

Am I empowering those I lead?

The basic characteristics of a Christian leader are relatively easy to list and agree upon:

Spiritual character – providing security for followers.
Servant attitude – providing significance for followers (they know that they are important, not just their input).
Godly vision – a vision emerging from God that provides hope for followers.
Commitment to equipping – that helps followers grow spiritually and in ministry.

But I believe there is just one more fundamental characteristic of Christian leaders, and it’s […]

Am I Equipping Those I Lead?

Sometimes, as leaders, we think our major role is to run strong programs and build effective ministries and God may use many of you to grow programs and ministries. But, this is not your main role. As a leader, your main role is to develop others. When someone follows you, they should be growing in a heart for God and skills in ministry. This will partly come from your example, but it will also […]