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4 Ways Malyon Can Help

The reality is we are only one Generation away from gospel silence. The good news is God is committed to seeing his gospel spread to every corner of the globe and he invites us to partner with him. In this partnership of seeing the gospel declared in word and demonstrated through deed, people are called to answer the following questions:

  1. What are we doing?
  2. Why are we doing it?
  3. Where do I fit in?

You may have asked yourself these questions before; we certainly have at Malyon Leadership. Here’s the answer for what we’re doing with developing younger (18-30’s) leaders.

We are seeking to develop leaders as mentioned in our last post. We are doing it because we believe better leaders mean better churches and better communities. Our world needs leaders who are steadfast after God’s own heart, leading with knowledge and understanding (Jer 3:15). These leaders need to be sharpened by the timeless word of God and shaped by the timely critique of the world we live in. My job in this is to help leaders be swept away by the beauty of the gospel.

In order to see leaders developed we are seeking to do the following:


Develop leadership resources that speak our language and suit our context. There is more information than ever out on the World Wide Web, however some of it simply speaks a language distant from us. Maybe it’s too complex, too slick, to formal or simply as dull as an episode of The West Wing on mute. It doesn’t reach us at a heart level leaving our heads to simply pass it by. We need resources that help each church develop leaders. They need to be relatable, transferable and insightful.

At Malyon Leadership, we make it a priority to have our finger on the pulse with dozens of churches around southeast Queensland. This allows us to create resources that help local churches develop leaders. Most of the resources will be communicated through blog form with future goals to create helpful inventories. Just like a good story, we believe these are best shared in relationship. Therefore a considerable amount of the resources are shared within the context of relationship with churches leaders. Feel free to hit me up for a coffee as I’d love to learn your context and your story.


Establish leadership networks. We aren’t promoting a denomination or peddling a product, we simply want to boast in the gospel and it’s connective power. Much can be gained by iron grinding iron. Blades sharpen, sparks fly, things work better! Whilst in larger churches this naturally occurs through the multiplicity of staff, for the average church the opportunities are limited. Part of this goal is to gather like-minded people who’ll help each other in mutual service to see the gospel work deeper in them and through them. Networks are established through natural relationships with a mutual commitment to the gospel, leadership development and each other. We see the Apostle Paul partnering with many co-workers who laboured in the gospel. This is what we want to model and help flourish.


Leadership sessions. A while back we noticed that there weren’t as many leaders being developed in churches as is needed. Time is poor, training is lacking and the demands of working in the ministry end up suffocating time to work on the ministry. Instead of highlighting the deficiency downstream, we want to work directly upstream with the future leaders and pastors. This has resulted in a new initiative by offering leadership sessions with students studying through Malyon College. We believe this deeper investment at a closer proximity will help to raise leaders who feel called and competent to effectively develop future leaders. A long-term vision but a worthwhile pursuit.


Neoleader Conference. Our flagship conference is but a banner that helps promote a culture of developing leaders. The conference is a space, a context, and a platform where leaders are exposed to significant truths that help encourage and equip them in their leadership journey. With biblical teaching leaders are developed not merely by worldly pragmatism but with timeless word of God. Through engaging electives, leaders are able to wrestle through specific issues that dominant our culture and help carve Christlikeness in them. And with space for worship and networks, we can have some good ol’ fashion fun meeting new people, spurring each other and growing in our confidence that God indeed is drawing people unto himself!

So that’s where we fit in. It’s a nutshell but it’s a shell we think worth sharing. If this is where we fit in, have you considered where you fit in? Or better yet, how can we fit in with you? We’d love to help in whichever avenue we can.

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